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This exciting free test tells it all !!!

Before you decide to use this extremely powerful technology on a daily basis, you can experience that...

feng shui bagua

Life Force Bridges Any Distance!

Feng Shui Chi Transfer      Feng Shui Chi Transfer


This exciting FREE test can be the most amazing experience you have ever had!!!

All you need to do ist he following:

chi transfer bagua

feng shui plus  Get your Chi Transfer Card
feng shui plus
  Print out the bagua and the chi transfer diagrams above
feng shui plus
  have a glass of water ready

cut chi transfer diagrams

feng shui plus  Cut out the two transfer diagrams and the bagua
feng shui plus
  Put the bagua on top of your Chi Transfer Card

write on chi transfer diagrams

feng shui plus  Write letters into the transfers: both diagrams with identical letters, which should be arbitrary.

chi transfer to 1 location

feng shui plus  Put the bagua with the Chi Card® below it into the location where you want a specific Feng Shui Energy and put your transfer onto the corner that represents the desired energy.  This capability goes way beyond the claims of Feng Shui traditionalists that charge you huge amounts of money for their advice.

chi transfer to yourself

feng shui plus  You can carry the other transfer diagram on you, and this way you will draw the Feng Shui Energy of your choice into your body WHEREVER YOU ARE !!!  This, your advanced Feng Shui capability goes way beyond the claims of Feng Shui traditionalists.

chi transfer into water

feng shui plus  You even can energize water with this energy:  This Feng Shui Water will be clear and optimized and it will be charged with the Feng Shui Chi Energy that you choose.  This capability goes way beyond the claims of Feng Shui traditionalists.

dual chi transfer

feng shui plus  And now you can do what none of the Feng Shui traditionalists can do:  Print out and individualize two additional transfer cards, then combine the energies of two or more different Feng Shui corners and project them into one location or to yourself or into water.  In the example above, you combine the "wealth and prosperity" corner with the "career prospects" corner.

chi transfer to 2 locations

feng shui plus  You can do what none of the Feng Shui traditionalists can do:  Send the energies of the same Feng Shui corner to two different locations in your room, home or business, and this energy will be the dominant one, because you add to it the power of the Chi Generator®, with which your Chi-Card® is connected.

In 2 hours only you can now gain an experience, which most Feng Shui traditionalists would love to conceal from their potential clients.
Easier!  and Much More!
The Feng Shui Energy of your Choice for FREE!
Select the card of your choice below - it will be emailed to you!
Then print it out, either carry it with you (it's that easy! - something many Feng Shui popes certainly do not like!) or put it to a place where you like this specific Feng Shui energy to be active !!!
feng shui career
feng shui card children
feng shui card education
feng shui card fame
feng shui card family
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